Cookies policy

This page gives you information about what cookies may be used when you visit the ® website. Accepting these cookies is a necessity to use the ® portal properly.

First-party cookies

These are the cookies which are set directly by our portal. They are used to manage the session of your visit. The cookies are required to ensure that the page can display its content correctly:

Name of cookieDomainExpires ®Session ®Session ®2 Years ®30 Minutes ®2 Years

Third-party cookies

These are the cookies which are set by other parties in order to provide additional services at our portal such as Google Maps:

Name of cookieDomainExpires
uid.addthis.com2 Years
__atuvc.addthis.com2 Years
skimGUID.skimresources.com10 Years

What happens if you disable the cookies ?

You can prohibit the use of cookies within your browser settings. If you do so, some of the ® content and third-party services e.g. Maps may not work as intended.

More information about cookies

For a more detailed explanation of cookies please look-up the respective Wikipedia page at Wikipedia or the pages of the Information Commissioner Office (ICO)

Jan 31, 2014