How To – User Feedback Form

At we strive to maintain our data to the highest standards and are making updates and improvements on a daily basis. However the job is never complete and there will always be some errors and omissions.

The good news is that it is very quick to update and correct any errors. Unlike some business directories who can take weeks to process updates, we run updates every day so errors can be handled very quickly. Read on to find out how to go about adding, updating and removing listings at

greyplusAll updates can be submitted via our User Feedback Form. Each and every listing has its own unique form which can be used to make updates to the listing. For brand new listings a can be used to submit new information. Get your blank form here or click the icon to the left.

If you have already found your business on you can correct any errors, add further information or request a removal by using you unique feedback form which can be accessed from within your listing. The feedback icon looks like a pen writing on paper and can be found to the right of you main business details.


Remember to use the icon within the listing you wish to update – this ensures that our team know where to find your information and can make the right changes first time

Your Info

The form itself contains three parts, Name & Address, Contact Information & Your Info. Firstly you will want to head to ‘Your Info’ at the bottom of the page and select a ‘Contact Reason’ this will help us to process your enquiry quickly, you can choose from the following:

     – Additional information      – Select to add more info to a listing
     – Name wrong      – Select to correct the name
     – Address wrong      – Select to correct the address
     – Telephone number wrong      – Select to correct the telephone number
     – Please remove this entry      – Select to request a listing removal
     – Request new entry      – Select to submit a new listing

Once you have selected your contact reason you will need to provide some information about yourself (name & email address) This information is used strictly for verification only. No details submitted here will be used in any other way

Once you have entered your details you can freely edit all other fields to correct any mistakes and add new information. The available fileds are as follows:

Name & Address


Name & Address – for business name and location

Name: Business Name

House: House name or number  Street: Street Name 

City: City Name  County: County Name

Postal Code: Full Post Code  State: State to be selected form dropdown menu

Location: You can use the map here to move the icon to the precise location of your business – just click and drag the icon to relocate it. This will automatically update the geo-coordinates in the Location field above.

Contact Information


Contact Information – for contact details and social media profiles

Phone Number: Area Code + Number  Fax Number: Area Code + Number

Email: Business Email Address

Home Page: Link to your website or chosen home page. This can be a social media page or blog etc.)

Opening Hours: Please specify days and times e.g. Mon-Fri: 0900-1700 Sat: 0930: 1530

Google+, Twitter & Facebook Page: Please use full urls for your respective social media pages, links to each can be added to your listing

Category & Business Info

Main Category: choose from a menu of available business categories. You can type into this field and available categories which match will appear in a drop down menu.CANplFeedback4

Secondary Categories: You can select up to four secondary categories by clicking the small downward pointing arrow below the ‘Main Category’ field. This will reveal four further category selection fields which you can populate in the same manner and the Main field.

Additional Information: Use New Item to specify additional information such as services offered or facilities on site. Specify the type of info in the first box and what it is in the second.CANplFeedback5

Business Description: Description of your business. Limited to XXX characters. (submitting a description which exceeds the limit will result in your description being shortened or omitted.)CANplFeedback6

Once you have entered all of your info and updated anything incorrect you can head back to the top of the form and hit ‘Submit Change’ You will be prompted if anything needs changing and when successful you will see this message: Success! Thank You for your feedback!

Our data team reviews feedback daily and will typically handle requests within 2-3 working days. You will receive confirmation of removal via email once the request has been processed.